Rock Tape

What is Rocktape?

RockTape is a type of kinesiology tape. It has many healing qualities as well as performance enhancing benefits. RockTape is often referred to as the "duct tape of the human body" because it is so versatile.
Some of the many beneficial uses include:

  • Compression or decompression of an area, depending on it's application.
  • The promotion of blood flow or help to drain swelling.
  • Decrease pain
  • Increase the awareness of a specific area that needs attention
  • Depending on application, it can activate or deactivate a muscle group to enhance performance or decrease risk of injury.
Although RockTape is mostly commonly used amongst athletes, it has proven to be a tremendous tool utilized in the treatment of our patients.

Tyler- Bruised Ribs

Greg- Muscle Strain and Instability with Over-head Movement

What can we tape?

Armand and Jessica are all certified RockDocs, trained to treat all types of injuries. From mild tendonitis and muscle instability to muscle tears and bleeding under the skin, our staff can tape it. Is RockTape a quick fix? No. But it can aid in the healing process and temporarily relieve pain.

​Although it may seem like anybody could apply RockTape, there's actually an extensive certification process to become a "Certified RockDoc". Application is more complicated than it may sometime seem and there is a risk of injury if applied incorrectly. The staff at Performax is FMT1 and FMT2 Certified.

Rock Tape Gallery

Olivia- Shoulder Stabilization

Shoulder Stabilizing Sports taping to maximize joint support while activating muscle fibers to optimize strength

Shoulder and Scapular stabilization taping to optimize performance with
overhead lifting

Upper Chest and Side Rib Taping to promote healing after a bruised rib injury attained during Jui-Jitsu

Patellar stabilizing knee tape with patellar tracking and lateral quad support

Ankle Sprain

Ankle Sprain taping to reduce swelling while activating muscle support

Lauren- Lumbar Strain

Lumbar Taping with vertical para-spinal muscular support while simultaneously decompressing PSIS joints

Hamstring taping following a thorough stretch; keeps muscles open to optimize

Andrea- Calf Strain & Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles Tendon decompression with calf stimulating tape to trigger muscle activity while relieving ankle/achilles pain

Cervical/Scapular Strain

Cervical/Trapezius taping to release muscular tension and improve range of motion

Kristine- Groin Strain

Groin and Hip Adductor taping to prolong strength and endurance while preventing muscle fatigue

Carpal Tunnel & Wrist Pain

Wrist taping to help decompress De Querveins and carpal tunnel which will decrease hand pain and numbness.

Ron- Partial Tricep Tear- Edema Taping

Edema taping following a muscle tear. Cross hatch strips help to improve blood flow by separating the layers of fascia and promote healing while decrease recovery time.

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