Physical Therapy Long Island

Physical Therapy Long Island

PerforMax Physical Therapy and Wellness is a leading Nassau County professional physical therapy center with the latest equipment. We offer highly effective physical therapy in Long Island and accept most insurance plans.

Benefits of using rock tape

Rocktape helps overcome conditions like muscle pains, cramping, joint pains, and inflammation. It also helps fix poor posture and reduces bruising. This technique helps reduce pain and swelling significantly and is a hypoallergenic alternative to pharmaceutical drugs.

Furthermore, it helps attain a full range of motion as it acts as functional support. It is a cost-effective treatment approach and is water-resistant, which makes it last for up to 5 days and helps improve blood flow in the taped area.

How can I find a Long Island physical therapist who takes my insurance? 

We are one of the best physical therapy centers to accept insurance. We accept most insurances like All Workers’ Compensation and No-Fault, Affinity, AmeriChoice, Cigna, Emblem, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, etc.

If you do not have an insurance plan, do not worry as all our wellness programs and therapies come in affordable self-pay rates. We also host free classes from time to time by volunteering at local churches and libraries, exclusively for seniors.

How can I make a same-day appointment with a physical therapist in Long Island?

At our center for physical therapy, we try and accommodate same-day appointments. As a premier wellness center in NY, we understand our patient’s emergency needs and busy schedules. Hence, we try to accommodate same-day appointment requests with our busy therapists.

We also offer flexible scheduling, convenient hours of operation, individualized treatment plans, and an accessibility ramp for patients on wheelchairs.

#1 Long Island City physical therapy and wellness center

We are a top-rated physical therapy and fitness center in NY with the best team of trainers and therapies. Our staff members include:

  • Armand Diesso – Armand is an expert physical therapist with over 20 years of experience in training patients heal from sports-injury and post-op patients. He is a skilled rehabilitation trainer and keeps himself updated with the latest advancements in healing therapies, exercises, and other wellness techniques by attending workshops and seminars regularly. 
  • Jessica Torres – Jessica holds a doctorate in physical therapy and is a certified specialist in sports nutrition. With more than ten years of firsthand experience, she is an expert in treating patients with orthopedic pains and injuries. She also handles all our post-op patients and geriatric patients. 
  • David Soldano – David has a doctorate in physical therapy and is a skilled trainer with 5+ years of experience. He designs custom treatment programs for each of our rehab patients and ensures that they meet their recovery goals.

Call PerforMax Physical Therapy and Wellness to schedule a consultation. Get to work with some of the best physical therapists in Long Island, NY, by joining our world-class facility. We are a highly sought-after fitness center for physical therapy in Long Island.

Physical Therapy Long Island

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Physical Therapy Long Island

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