Deer Park Physical Therapy

Deer Park Physical Therapy

PerforMax Physical Therapy and Wellness is a leading Deer Park physical therapy center with the best physiotherapists and fitness trainers. We are a fully-equipped fitness center with a pool for physical therapy and offer services like sports rehab, concussion management, post-op rehab, senior rehab, and wellness classes for seniors.

Top-rated fitness center for physical therapy in deer park

We are one of the few high-end gyms with a dedicated team of trainers and physical therapists. Our team of staff specializes in treating sports injuries and post-operative rehabilitation. We have helped hundreds of clients in the safe and speedy recovery from sprains, strains, joint replacement surgeries, arthritis, sciatica, chronic pain, and concussions.

We rank among the few fitness centers in North Babylon, NY, to use techniques like Kinesio taping, balance stability training, gait training, patellar alignment, and stability training to help individuals overcome pain-related conditions. Our staff team comprises trainers with over 20+ years of experience, and we are one of the few gyms in NY to offer flexible scheduling, convenient hours of operation, a swimming pool, and individualized treatment plans. We are a #1 Deer Park rehab and physical therapy center with trainers like Armand Diesso, Jessica Torres, and David Soldano. Our trainers are some of the highly sought-after fitness coaches and physical therapists in NY.

What is post-acute hospital physical therapy?

Post-acute rehab is a rehabilitation program for patients after major surgery or hospitalization, and it aids in their safe and speedy recovery. At our center for physical therapy, we offer post-acute care for patients recovering from major orthopedic surgeries, sport-injuries, accidents, etc. Our team of physical therapists develop an individualized treatment plan and assist you in performing a series of exercises to promote mobility, improve range of motion, and to help you overcome pain.

The focus of post-acute physical therapy is to help patients become more independent in performing day to day activities and helping them return to their routine as soon as possible. We are a fully-equipped post-acute physical therapy center in NY with a handicap accessible ramp and highly effective fitness programs. Reach us at (631) 586-6616 for more details.

Qualities to look for in a physical therapy center           

If you are determined to join a fitness center for physical therapy, it is important to get on board with a center that has the best team of physical therapists. Also, choose a fitness center that has the best wellness programs that aid in safe and speedy recovery.

At our center, we deliver a combination of balance and stability training, along with techniques like rocktape training and gait training to help individuals regain control over their bodies. Lastly, choose a center that has top of the line equipment, a hygienic environment, flexible scheduling, and convenient hours of operation.

Get in touch with one of our Deer Park physical therapy staff for more information on PerforMax Physical Therapy and Wellness Center. We are a high-end deer park physical therapy center with modern amenities, state of the art infrastructure, and a supportive staff team. Call us today to get started on your fitness journey.

Deer Park Physical Therapy

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Deer Park Physical Therapy

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