Cryotherapy in West Seneca

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Cryotherapy in West Seneca

Cryotherapy started in Japan as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. Its benefits spread to Europe and are now rampant in many different areas in the world, including the US.

What is cryotherapy?

This therapy uses liquid nitrogen to reduce the skin’s temperature for two to three minutes. The skin reacts to the reduced temperature to trigger a neurological reaction in the brain. The brain stimulates a defense mechanism that arouses the most dormant functions of the body.

Studies show that West Seneca cryotherapy treatments have a unique approach to alleviating pains in the body. The results show that the treatment can offer real medical benefits, despite the mixed reactions in the mainstream medical community. You should be aware of the specific benefits of cryotherapy in West Seneca if you want to know which moments are best for the treatment.

Five benefits of cryotherapy

Pain reduction

One common reason people start seeing Cryotherapy specialists in West Seneca is that the treatment is very effective in reducing soreness and pain from acute physical trauma. A full-body session in cryotherapy chambers in West Seneca is particularly beneficial to athletes and people with severe body injuries.

Reduced inflammation

Whole-body cryotherapy also offers compelling benefits in reducing systemic inflammations in the body. Overall, researchers state that it improves the recovery of muscles after multiple exposures to physical damage.

The treatment works by enhancing the body’s antioxidant function to change the inflammatory responses in the body. It is a more intense form of using ice pack applications and cold water immersions on injuries. The added benefit is that cryotherapy has a more persuasive psychological advantage, which triggers an even faster and better physical improvement.

Increased energy

The improvement of moods and pain has a direct positive effect on the emotional state of the body. This case is likely due to the release of feel-good hormones that increase blood flow.

Studies show that combining cryotherapy with other counseling programs creates hypnotic healing. You can schedule a session with us hours before or after a meeting with another therapist, under their guidance. The treatment will eliminate tiredness, ease muscles, and clear the mind, so you have a more transparent healing discussion.

Prevent metabolic illness

Metabolism has a stable connection to one’s emotional state. It reduces the oxidative state and inflammation to prevent metabolic illnesses like diabetes. Exposure to cryotherapy realizes the same effect as a good exercise routine, by opening up pathways for detox release.

Weight loss

Cryotherapy in West Seneca increases the production of brown fat. Brown fat has a definite effect in increasing mitochondria, which are responsible for burning fat – brown fat gets its name from the brown color of mitochondria.

Cryotherapy is increasingly trendier because it is painless, non-invasive, and affordable through proper channels like Universal Chiropractic PC. People who witness the benefits it offers celebrities like LeBron James and Shaquille O’Neal are eager to receive the same. You can enjoy the novel experience by merely giving our West Seneca cryotherapy doctor a call on 716-822-2225. You can also visit the physical office to familiarize yourself with the environment and office before you begin your sessions.


Cryotherapy in West Seneca

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