Beverly Hills Addiction Treatment Center

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Beverly Hills Addiction Treatment Center

If you live in Beverly Hills and are searching for nearby drug and alcohol rehabs, there are several for you to choose from. However, only 90210 Recovery boasts the leading therapists and top of the line contemporary treatments needed to bring about long-lasting sobriety.

As the premier provider of addiction treatment in Beverly Hills, CA, we have long helped the city’s most vulnerable citizens battle drug and alcohol dependency. But why have so many chosen us? More importantly, why should you rely on us to help you or your loved one? Read on to find out.

Here’s what makes 90210 Recovery the most unique Beverly Hills addiction treatment center.

Getting To The Root Of The Problem

Many Beverly Hills rehab clinics make the mistake of believing recovery is solely the act of ending the body’s dependency on a harmful substance. This is not the case. Addiction does not arise out of a need for drugs or alcohol. Rather, the abuse of these substances is spurred on by the need to escape from deep-seated personal issues.

With this in mind, our preeminent addiction specialists crafted a treatment program that takes on addiction at its base. Your care worker will help you address and overcome the root of your addiction. This will soothe your desire to alter your reality, making sobriety a far less daunting prospect.

Holistic Treatments

There is no universal approach to tackling substance abuse. No single form of treatment is guaranteed to work every time. Sadly, this is a fact not many Beverly Hills drug rehabilitation centers understand. Thankfully, 90210 Recovery does.

We know that a patient requires a comprehensive and well-rounded treatment program for the highest chances of success. This, of course, means traditional medical and psychological treatments. However, it also means unique holistic approaches.

Our holistic treatments work in conjunction with our more traditional practices to improve the mental health of our patients and heal them on a spiritual level. Among these treatments are meditation sessions, yoga classes, music groups, and even drama studies. Along with expediting the recovery process, these activities give patients alternative ways to occupy their mind and body. This markedly decreases the chances of a relapse after they leave our facility.

Post-Rehab Support

Adjusting to life after rehab can be a little intimidating. That’s why we strive to support our patients even after they have completed their stay at our Beverly Hills addiction treatment center. No matter where you go in this world, your care worker will only be a phone call or email away.

Many former addicts leave rehabilitation only to be plagued by legal issues stemming from their substance abuse. For this reason, 90210 Recovery maintains close ties to several legal firms in Beverly Hills. If you are facing legal issues as a result of your addiction, we’ll help you secure quality representation.

Likewise, we will arrange family or marital counseling sessions to help you and your loved ones address any hardships they experienced while you were battling addiction.

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90210 Recovery is the foremost provider of drug and alcohol detox in Beverly Hills, CA. Our unsurpassed treatments will help you or your loved one win the battle against addiction.

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Beverly Hills Addiction Treatment Center

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