Cofounders Armand Diesso, P.T. and Jessica M. Torres, P.T.,D.P.T. are dedicated to improving the wellness of every patient that walks through their door, as well as to provide them with the care and knowledge needed to recover from their injuries and prevent future physical ailments.


    Our staff specializes in a wide variety of injuries and forms of rehabilitation. Amongst those are Sports Related Injuries, Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation, Sprains and Strains, Joint Replacements, Arthritis, Sciatica, Joint Pain and Muscle Weakness, Vertigo, and Concussions.



150 Bay Shore Rd. North Babylon, NY 11703

Performax Physical Therapy and Wellness is located in North Babylon, New York.


  • Back Pain

    Stretching the lumbar spine as well as strengthening the supporting muscles leads to optimal spinal wellness.

  • Neck Pain

    Our treatment approach includes a combination of cervical spine strengthening along with manual stretching.

  • Knee Pain

    Specializing in treating and rehabbing everything from basic knee pain to total knee replacements.

  • Shoulder Pain

    Treating everything from rotator cuffs, slap tears, biceps tendonitis, and orthoscopic surgery.



  • Injury Prevention Education
  • Kinesio Taping/ Rocktape
  • Gait Training
  • Hands-on Stretching
  • Balance and Stability Training
  • Passive Muscle Release
  • Muscle Strengthening
  • Core Stabilization
  • Patellar Alignment
  • Concussion Management

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  • So I had the pleasure of meeting Brian at @DexaFit_long_island this morning.  I have set some goals for 2020 and I will be utilizing the information gathered today to help achieve them. I was able to see body fat%, muscle balance from side to side, and even bone density.  I look forward to building a business relationship with Brian, as I believe this scan can be beneficial to my clients.  If you have any questions feel free the DM me.. #22%bodyfat #toomuchvisceralfat #bonesaredenseAF #cantwaitforfollowupscan #dexafit #physicaltherapy #musclebalance
  • So proud of this team... well.. family.  Thank you for all the support... the motivation... and the DRIVE to better ourselves.  Could this be the inaugural Performax Running Team event??? Thank you @d_stevs26 @brittisrunningamarathon @julipugs  #runningsucks #10miles #fncold #mylegsare dead #fucktheflu #performaxrunningteam #proud #beerwasgood #bluepointbrewery
  • Happy to teaming up with @chulafitness.. I will be available for free assessment following class to address any imbalances or dysfunction...
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  • Performax will be having a Biggest Loser Competition starting on January 6th and ending April 6th. Intital buy in is $25 and an additional $5 if you gain weight a week. We will be doing weekly check ins with a picture of the scale with the word of the week. You will be able to email or text. Winner takes all with the highest percentage of body weight lost. If your interested, comment here,message us, or stop in and talk to one of us. We have paypal or venmo if its easier!  Lets get healthy together for this new decade!!!
  • We would like to wish all our patients a very happy and healthy holiday.  We are very thankful for all the goodies and gifts.  Many people ask Jess and I how do you work with your sibling.. the second picture is an accurate depiction of how. #brotherabuse #babysister #pajamaparty #goodies #merrychristmas #happyhanukkah #festivisfortherestofus
  • This past weekend was our Performax Family Christmas Party.. It was nice to sit down as a family and enjoy the evening.  Yummy food, strong drinks, and the best company ever.  Thank you to all our hard working staff for the dedication to Performax.  #performax #christmasparty #family #grateful #thankyou #lafamiglia
  • Repost from @loli_fitness using @RepostRegramApp - As important is training & diet for me; PHYSICAL THERAPY is super important @performaxptw thanks for always have a good care of me. Making sure I stay away from injuries and help me in my journey on getting big and beautiful legs!!!! Armand usually start with heat and electricity stimulation. 2nd stretching. 3er blading and breaking some fiber tissue and them Cupping to bring blood to the area and help me recover faster. Note cupping leaves brush for couple days but is worth it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🥇🏆💪🏼💪🏼🙏🏼. #takecare of yourself
  • The next Performax Cornhole Tournament is set.... Dec 13th... 8pm.. $10 buy in... winner takes all.. limited space available


  • Diane Iannaccone

    AGE ,

    I successfully ended my physical therapy sessions yesterday here at Performax. The staff here did a wonderful job with the recovery of my back pain!!! I was motivated to work hard on healing my injury, as well as complete my exercises at home. The atmosphere here is an upbeat one- the therapists top notch--- well schooled, and they truly care about your well being! The desk staff is friendly and accommodating..,I will be recommending this office to friends and family !!!

  • Tracy Pierce

    AGE ,

    Hands down the best place to get you back on track and feeling great. Great staff and clientele. #hurtsogood

  • Michael Caulo

    AGE ,

    Armand and the Performax Team not only helped rehabilitate me but got me stronger and I'll be back to fighting in 2016 plus just ran my first half marathon in Sept..: thanks Performax!

  • Nicole Marie

    AGE ,

    The most fun you can have while getting better! Great staff, beautiful office, and top notch skill set. You can't go wrong with choosing this place. It is the best on Long Island.

  • Carol Slack

    AGE ,

    Armand and his staff are wonderful. You couldn't choose a more professional, well managed office. Their knowledge and dedication to your complete recovery is obvious and they do it all with the kindest spirit. Will continue to recommend them to anyone. A+++

  • Chuck C

    AGE 31,

    The team at Performax is great. I have been in and out of Physical Therapy facilities for a long time. Performax is definitely the best one. Armand has hands of stone that can work out any issue. If your in need of PT this is the place to go. Thanks Team Performax!

  • Dave J

    AGE ,

    Performax ~~*** I was told that I needed surgery on my neck and shoulder ? I went to Performax, Armand and his office staff. ..great people from the time you enter.
    Armand hands works miracle, I can sleep at nite and don't need surgery...l and very thankful for all they have done for me.



CDC estimates reveal that between 1.6 million and 3.8 million concussions occur each year. 5-10% of athletes will experience a concussion in any given sport. The most common youth sports in which concussions occur are boys football and girls soccer. Only 78% of concussions occur during games; the remaining 22% occurring during practices. It is important to look out for concussion symptoms for 48 hours following a head injury, for an estimated 47% of athletes do not report feeling any symptoms directly following a concussive blow. Some symptoms to be aware of include headaches, dizziness, and nausea. In a case when these symptoms occur, be sure to seek medical attention and DO NOT return to sports until cleared by a therapist and medical professional. Performax therapists offer post-concussion testing for clearance to return to sports!


Concussions in youth sports are more common and more serious than many people realize. When suffering from a blow to the head, a child should seek medical attention within 48 hours to be assessed for any concussion symptoms; Some concussion symptoms may not arise for several hours after the injury occurs. Children should never return to playing sports after undergoing a concussion without being evaluated and cleared by a medical professional. Base line testing is highly recommended so that we can have pre-concussion results to refer to when testing kids on their ability to return to sports.

Performax Physical Therapy for a Better You

Performax Physical Therapy and Wellness Center takes care of you when you need it most. Our innovative performax physical therapy treatments will ensure that you recover quickly and reduce the risk of re-injuring yourself in the future. Book your consultation with us today.

Suffering an injury is no walk in the park, sometimes what may seem as a minor injury can have bad repercussions with age as a result of your body changing over the years. We have dedicated a combined 25 years of physical therapy specializing in various treatments. This makes us one of the best physical therapy New York treatment centers in New York.

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